NewsBusters' Stanek claims "abortion protects rapists" because it "destroys the evidence"


In a September 20 NewsBusters post, blogger and anti-abortion activist Jill Stanek responded to a Rachel Maddow segment highlighting Republican Senate candidates who are opposed to abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

Stanek said she is "thrilled" about their position and argued against allowing women who are raped to choose an abortion, claiming that "abortion protects rapists":

In fact, abortion protects rapists, particularly friends and family. A prime example would be the imaginary victim Maddow described, a "14-yr-old girl who is raped by your uncle, or by your father." Even Joycelyn Elders, President Clinton's pro-abort attorney general, stated pregnancy is evidence of sexual abuse. Abortion destroys the evidence. Who doesn't think the 1st thing a victimizing uncle or father would do is take the pregnant 14-yr-old for an abortion?


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