O'Donnell cancels Face The Nation appearance. Is she running away from the press?

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News this morning that controversial Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell suddenly backed out of her planned appearance on CBS' Face The Nation raises questions about how the Tea Party-backed candidate plans on dealing with the mainstream press during the rest of her campaign, and whether like other high-profile GOP candidates, she'll essentially refuse to interact with legitimate journalists.

And yes, O'Donnell is still scheduled to appear on Fox News Sunday tomorrow.

CBS's Bob Schieffer broke the news about Face The Nation via Twitter:

You'll recall that earlier this week Sarah Palin advised O'Donnell to "speak through Fox News" during her campaign. I wonder if from this point forward the candidate will adopt the media boycott strategy that Tea Party favorites Sharron Angle and Rand Paul have embraced during their post-primary senatorial campaigns, which is to basically hide from professional, independent journalists and only make time for softball queries from the partisan press on the right, especially Fox News. (Recall that Paul famously backed out his Meet The Press appearance at the last minute.)

They, of course, are following the anti-press path carved by Palin who I don't think has sat down and answered questions from a legitimate reporter in more than a year. She categorically refuses. Instead, Palin only avails herself to Fox News and her cheerleaders on AM talk radio, while hiding behind her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Is that the secluded road O'Donnell is now heading down?

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