Basically, Newsbusters hates journalism

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The following is an actual Newsbusters complaint:

Meredith Vieira to GOP Young Guns: What's So Good About Tax Cuts?

By Geoffrey Dickens (Bio | Archive)

Tue, 09/14/2010 - 11:36 ET

NBC's Meredith Vieira, on Tuesday's Today show, demonstrated just how out of touch she is on the Tea Party and the economy as she questioned GOP House members, "Are you worried about the influence of the Tea Party?" and even doubted the positive effect tax cuts can have on creating jobs as she questioned: "What's so good about them?"

Wow. Meredith Vieira asked her guests why their policy proposals are good! The bias is simply astounding. She should have known that when asking Republicans about tax cuts, the only unbiased question is "Are your tax cut proposals great -- or the greatest?"

And another Newsbusters gem:

Giving Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer an unusual evening newscast platform to plug a book, on Monday's NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams brought viewers back to the Left's ten-year-old grudge, cuing up Breyer to agree: "Do you think Bush v Gore hurt the credibility of the modern court?" Breyer replied with a simple "yes" and Williams suggested: "Irreparably?" "No," Breyer said in rejecting Williams' overwrought premise, so Williams pressed: "For how long?"

Of course, Williams didn't bring up Bush v Gore because he's a member of the "Left" with a ten-year-old grudge; he brought it up because he was interviewing Breyer about a book in which Breyer discussed the case. In any case, Williams' questions -- like Vieira's -- were so straightforward I'm surprised even the relentlessly inane Newsbusters crew would pretend to find them offensive.

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