Daily Caller on reporter allegedly harassed at NFL practice: "Baby got back"

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The NFL is investigating the treatment of a television reporter at a New York Jets practice:

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson told USA TODAY Monday he offered his "apology" to a female TV reporter whose treatment Saturday at Jets practice is being investigated by the NFL.

NFL and team officials said Sunday they were looking into a complaint made by the Association of Women in Sports Media that the Jets made suggestive comments to Ines Sainz of Mexico's TV Azteca during and after a weekend practice at their Florham Park, NJ, facility.

Naturally, Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller sees a news story about a bunch of guys allegedly harassing a working reporter as an excuse to post a slideshow of photos of the woman under the headline "Baby got back: Meet Ines Sainz [SLIDESHOW]."


UPDATE: Several of the photos in the Daily Caller's slideshow include snarky captions that suggest Sainz had it coming. Like this gem: "The skin tight jeans -- er, we mean, the sensible outfit that sparked the current controversy." Actually, it sounds like the controversy was sparked by the behavior of the New York Jets, whose owner has apologized to Sainz.

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