John Stossel denounces Americans with Disabilities Act

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John Stossel bravely speaks out against the scourge of … public restroom stalls that are wide enough to accommodate people in wheelchairs:

Extra-wide bathroom stalls that reduce the overall number of toilets are only some of the unaccounted-for costs of the ADA.

But that's not the only way the Americans with Disabilities Act is ruining your life, according to Stossel:

And be careful. If you fail to let a customer bring a large snake, which he calls his "service animal," into your restaurant, you could be in trouble.

All of this is because of the well-intentioned Americans With Disabilities Act, which President George H.W. Bush signed 20 years ago.

Service snakes, no doubt, disrupt millions of small businesses a year.

Sure, Stossel's opposition to bathroom stalls that can accommodate wheelchair-bound users may seem a bit cruel, but at least he didn't defend, say, price-gougers who charged $20 for a bottle of water in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Oh, wait …

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