Fox Nation's transparent attempt to keep anti-Muslim rage alive

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This week, Fox Nation featured the headline: "Teachers Drop Holocaust to Avoid Offending Muslims":

The Fox Nation link goes to an April 2, 2007, Daily Mail article about a study finding that "a secondary school in an unnamed northern city" in the United Kingdom that "dropped the Holocaust as a subject for GCSE coursework" because teachers feared confronting "anti-Semitic sentiment and Holocaust denial among some Muslim pupils."

Apparently, these 2007 reports evolved into an e-mail rumor that the "UK removed The Holocaust from its school curriculum because it 'offended' the Moslem population which claims it never occurred." Debunking the rumor, stated:

This piece began circulating in e-mail in mid-April. Its central claim, that schools in Britain no longer teach about The Holocaust for fear of offending Muslim students, isn't on the money: Even news articles that bear titles such as 'Britain Schools Ignore the Holocaust' and 'Schools Drop Holocaust Lessons' point out that only one history department in a northern UK school did that. In all the rest of the country's schools, information about the Holocaust was still being imparted to students.


The bottom line to all this fuss? Schools in the UK are indeed teaching about the Holocaust, something British journalists seemed to downplay in their rush to report that one department in one city was not. The e-mail call to arms cited above was likely the result of a misreading of those already badly-presented news articles.

So it was one school in the UK and it happened several years ago. Why is Fox Nation highlighting this now???

I can't think of a single reason.

From Fox Nation (accessed August 26):

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