WND's Farah describes construction of cultural center as act of terrorism

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Right-wing media figures like Cal Thomas and Dick Morris have preposterously suggested that the proposed Park51 cultural center in Manhattan would be a staging ground for future terrorism. But now Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily's Birther in Chief, has taken things a step further, contending that construction of the cultural center would itself be an act of terrorism:

The unacceptable symbolism of replacing the Burlington Coat Factory with a mosque is even more compelling than the idea of building a mosque at the former site of the World Trade Center.

In effect, by tearing down this building to make way for a mosque constructed with foreign Islamic money and leadership linked to Islamic extremism, Americans would be consenting to the completion of the audacious and insidious attack of Sept. 11, 2001.

[Imam Feisal Abdul ] Rauf calls it "iconic."

I call it "completing the attack."

How long before right-wingers like Farah start insisting that falafel stands are acts of terrorism?

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