LAT's Malcolm claims Obama is "unaffiliated with any specific faith"

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Los Angeles Times blogger/former Bush flack Andrew Malcolm makes a curious claim about President Obama:

Until the 2008 Democratic primary season and his reluctant but very public break with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who married Obama and baptized his daughters, Obama was a 20-year member of Chicago's Trinity United Church. He said he was unfamiliar with Wright's racist and anti-Semitic sermons, which showed up on numerous widely-viewed videotapes.

Aides have since described Obama's religious faith as "Christian," although only 34% of poll respondents knew that, down from 48% just 60 days into his presidency.

Since the Wright break, Obama has been unaffiliated with any specific faith, like only three previous presidents in U.S. history -- Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Johnson and his predecessor, Abraham Lincoln. [Emphasis added]

But it is not only "aides" who have described Obama's faith as "Christian" -- Obama himself has done so. More importantly, Obama severed ties with Jeremiah Wright -- he didn't renounce his Christianity. Malcolm's claim that since parting with Wright Obama "has been unaffiliated with any specific faith" is simply false -- and it's the kind of thing that reinforces the very lack of public understanding of Obama's faith that Malcolm was writing about.

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