Palin to Dr. Laura: "Don't retreat... reload" after "1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist"

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Sarah Palin is joining several other conservatives, including her Fox colleague Michelle Malkin, in coming to the defense of Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Schlessinger has said that she will end her radio show at the end of the year in response to the firestorm that followed her racially charged rant last week.

Palin tweets:

Palin tweet

Palin tweet

Palin echoes Schlessinger's own ludicrous argument that her First Amendment rights were abridged by those who criticized her comments. As John Ridley pointed out in response to Dr. Laura's claim, this argument is "absurd" because the First Amendment "pertains to the government impeding freedom of religion, freedom of speech. It has nothing to do with what I feel like if you want to protest or things like that. No one's impeding her First Amendment rights."

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