Greta continues ethically suspect Palin booster-ism with three-day pro-drilling infomercial


As we're previously detailed, Greta Van Susteren has repeatedly tested ethical boundaries by providing ample (and glowing) coverage of Sarah Palin without disclosing the fact that her husband, John Coale, served as an adviser to Palin, starting both her political action committee, SarahPAC, and her legal defense fund.

Well, Palin now appears regularly on Fox as a Fox News contributor, but Van Susteren still managed to test the limits of "coverage" her latest piece with a multi-day special on location in Alaska -- filmed in part on Palin's own dock, no less. The piece is devoted to Palin's support for drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), with a view questions about Palin's other pet issues.

If day one was indicative of the entire report, it basically boils down to a three-day infomercial of Palin touting her positions on ANWR and her record of "play[ing] hardball" with oil companies as governor. For example, in the first segment Van Susteren noted her "surprise" that there was "nothing there" in ANWR, a suggestion Palin swiftly picked up to claim it's a "wasteland," and there's no reason not to drill there:

It's not clear why Van Susteren felt a report on ANWR was relevant right now. Nor do we know if she is planning to balance her coverage by speaking to an environmentalist or a government spokesman about why drilling there might not be a good idea, or if will she just continue to let Palin pontificate on her opinions uninterrupted. But it sure does seem like that "story" will be helpful video footage for Palin to use if she decides to use the PAC Van Susteren's husband set up for her to run for office.

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