Aaron Klein's mighty Wurlitzer -- and his terrorist stupidity gambit

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As noted earlier, WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein is getting a lot of attention for using his radio show to get a member of Hamas to express support for building an Islamic community center near Ground Zero.

This isn't actually news, of course -- is anyone surprised that Hamas would support such a thing? Hamas' status as a terrorist group notwithstanding, the Hamas official's statement that Muslims should build mosques is utterly non-controversial, just as it would be if it were a Jewish person talking about building synagogues or a Christian talking about building churches.

The real news here is the resurfacing of Aaron Klein's media strategy of using terrorists' words against his political enemies.

This is far from the first time Klein has made use of terrorists. Most notably, he did so during the 2008 presidential election, when, during an appearance on John Batchelor's radio show, he interviewed a Hamas official who "endorsed" Barack Obama as president. His 2007 book Schmoozing With Terrorists is entirely devoted to what terrorists have told him about "who they want to see in the White House, their thoughts on big name American celebrities, what day-to-day life would be like if the global jihad took over the U.S., and why terrorists kill and maim."

Because what terrorists have to say is mostly predictable, they have become a cog in Klein's mighty little Wurlitzer of sources he uses to push his right-wing, anti-Obama agenda. It's nothing but a cynical gimmick for Klein.

The dark side of Klein's strategy is that it depends on terrorists being so stupid that they never figure out that Klein is using their words to inflame anti-Muslim sentiment in the right-wing media and advance his own anti-liberal, anti-Muslim agenda. That's dangerous, if not outright stupid on its own. Does Klein really think they won't catch on to his game?

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