Glenn's Beck outrage will not be dissuaded by facts


Glenn Beck devoted almost the entire first segment of his show to his outrage over the passage of the Educations Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act, proving that he can manufacture outrage out of thin air, and clearly demonstrating why he should not be trusted to factually report on, well, anything, really.

Beck's problem with the bill, which provides $26 billion to states to help them preserve teacher jobs and pay for Medicaid, is that Washington won't admit that they have a problem with spending. He declared that the day Washington politicians admit they have a problem with spending will be "the day that monkeys fly out of my butt."

Then, showing the national debt on screen, Beck chillingly suggested that in passing bills like this one, Washington will "make our children a slave" to debt. He later claimed that "American taxpayers, you, had to shell out another 26 billion dollars" in order save the teachers' unions that won't make concessions:

Twenty-six billion dollars would be a lot to add to this year's deficit, except that this bill doesn't add to the deficit. In fact, as the Boston Globe reported, according to "an estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the bill would reduce the deficit by $1.4 billion over a decade."

How did the bill manage to provide $26 billion in state aid while reducing the deficit? By closing tax loopholes, and ending the increased aid to the food stamp program provided by the stimulus bill. Minutes later, Beck complained about some of those very same cuts that help the bill reduce the deficit:

So, Beck spent more than 20 minutes ranting about the cost of a bill that reduces the deficit. Even his ridiculous accents and shock-jock like stunts are more believable this manufactured outrage.

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