Back from vacation, LA Times' Andrew Malcolm returns to concocting poll results

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it was a nice break while he was gone and the Times' Top of the Ticket blog functioned the way a big-city newspaper politics blog should. Y'know, a site that published actual journalism and didn't resemble an Obama-hating, GOP GOTV blog. But now Malcolm's back and he's busy embarrassing the newspaper with his polling fabrications. (It's kind of his calling.)

Behold Malcolm's latest [emphasis added]:

Although polls show frustrated Americans now hold Obama responsible for the nation's lagging economic condition...


A new poll released Monday found voters were twice as likely to blame President George W. Bush, rather than President Obama, for the nation's economic problems.


Democrats, facing a U.S. electorate angry about the economy and other issues, still have one political asset: George W. Bush. The former Republican president is blamed more than President Barack Obama for the budget deficit, unemployment and illegal immigration, according to a Bloomberg National Poll conducted July 9-12.


A new Washington Post/ABC poll suggests that most Americans continue to blame the sluggish economy on former President George W. Bush, a development that could complicate Republican efforts to lay it at President Barack Obama's feet this fall. Nearly six in ten (59 percent) of those polled said that Bush was to blame for the current state of the economy while 25 percent put the blame on Obama.


More than a year into Barack Obama's presidency, Americans are more likely to say George W. Bush is responsible for today's economic problems than they are to say Obama is responsible.

Welcome back, Andrew.

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