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Fox Nation asks:

And Fox Nation explains:

Just a day after he rubbed his nose all over the bald head of Queens hero Jorge Muñoz, President Obama was honoring newly confirmed Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan with yet another, formerly rare presidential nuzzle. You keep this up, Obama, and the nuzzle will lose all of its cachet.

It probably will not surprise you to learn that this is complete bunk.

Here's video of Obama and Muñoz (skip ahead to the 12:39 mark):

As you can see -- and as you probably assumed, unless you're a right-wing pseudo-journalist bent on mocking President Obama at the drop of a hat -- Obama didn't "nuzzle" Muñoz; he leaned over to tell him something. Probably something along the lines of "congratulations" or "thank you for your tireless service." But if you are a right-wing pseudo-journalist like those at Fox News, you probably derive some perverse pleasure from mocking a ceremony honoring this guy:

Bus driver Jorge Muñoz is in the running to be crowned CNN's Hero of the Year for selflessly serving free meals to thousands of hungry strangers for years.

Muñoz, 45, has become a regular fixture beneath the elevated No. 7 line in Jackson Heights, where - each night for more than four years - he has doled out hot food from a mobile food pantry.

"My mother said we'd have a better future here," said Muñoz, who emigrated from Columbia in 1981 and later became a U.S. citizen. "Now I want to make sure others are fed so they can have futures."

Muñoz's home has turned into a makeshift food pantry: His living room is filled with cartons of milk and boxes of graham crackers. His basement is overflowing with food.

Each weekday, he rises at 5 a.m. and spends his mornings as a bus driver ferrying children to school.

By the afternoon, he is in his Woodhaven home slaving over the stove with his mother and sister before they pack the food into cartons and dish up at least 125 dinners each night.

And his generosity seemingly knows no bounds: He also has housed and fed a homeless man he met at church for the past two months.

Congratulations, Fox Nation: You just lied in order to mock a touching moment in which the United States honored a man for going to extraordinary lengths to feed the hungry. If there was a Pulitzer for "Stupid crap most representative of everything that's wrong with right-wing journalism," you'd be a finalist. At least.

Fox Nation
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