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Tucker Carlson has had shows on PBS, CNN and MSNBC. All were so successful that not a single one is currently on the air. And how can we forget his stint on ABC's Dancing With The Stars?

Perhaps that is why he's attempting a one-sided feud Keith Olbermann. He just couldn't stomach the fact that someone could make a show work on his former network home.

The more likely scenario is that he's looking for controversy to draw eyeballs to his next failed endeavor -- The Daily Caller, his factually challenged, misinformation pushing website.

Huffington Post notes:

Tucker Carlson started a feud with Keith Olbermann last month when he purchased KeithOlbermann.com and went on record dissing his former MSNBC colleague.

Now he denies the very existence of a feud, though in doing so again laid into Olbermann, who he previously described as the most disliked person at MSNBC.

"I feel sorry for Keith," Carlson told Mediabistro. "What a sad old guy he is, a prisoner of his many phobias. I'm not feuding with him at all, as I tried to explain when I emailed him the other day from my new account, Keith [at] keitholbermann.com. He never responded. I hope he's okay."

By the way, TuckerCarlsonsNextFailedEndeavor.com is still available. Maybe I'll register the url so Tucker has a way to contact me.

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