Wash. Times op-ed: "[F]or progressives, tiny human life is expendable"


In an August 6 Washington Times op-ed by Grace Vuoto of the Edmund Burke Institute, titled, "Sliding toward infanticide," The Washington Times included this illustration:


In her, op-ed, Vuoto wrote that "[t]he Obama administration is actively encouraging abortions" and that "for progressives, tiny human life is expendable." Vuoto also wrote, "[W]e clearly are moving toward a state that permits infanticide." Further, Vuoto also falsely suggested that federal funding will go to fund elective abortions in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Mexico.

From Vuoto's op-ed:

President Obama has turned America into one of the most barbaric nations on earth: The country is committed to using tax dollars to kill unborn babies, both at home and abroad. Alarm bells were rung recently by pro-life groups that warned that states such as Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Mexico would be funding abortion as they established high-risk health care pools, despite Mr. Obama's issuance of an executive order prohibiting abortion coverage. It appears his paltry gesture will do little to stop the unfolding Obamacare bureaucratic tangle that will funnel funds for elective abortions.


The Obama administration is actively encouraging abortions by providing greater funds and greater access - contrary to Mr. Obama's campaign pledges to find common-sense solutions to limit abortions. This is not surprising because the centerpiece of the sexual rebellion -- and the progressive "utopia" -- is consequence-free sex. This, in the administration's view, will fully liberate the individual by permitting maximum pleasure and minimum inconvenience. In this manner, liberals seek to remake nature itself: The procreative act can be used at will, devoid of its fundamental meaning. The weak and unborn can be dispensed with if they interfere with individual pleasure or wealth. In essence, for progressives, tiny human life is expendable.


The Obama administration's willingness to transgress the delicate social balance we have created is putting us on a perilous path toward the devaluation of human life. By permitting government funds to be used for abortion -- either overtly or through the back door -- Mr. Obama is establishing dangerous precedents: The state is becoming a killing machine, fueled by the labor and taxes of its citizens. Today, the state will pay for the killing of unborn babies; tomorrow it may pay for the killing of the inconvenient weak or deformed infant. In other words, we clearly are moving toward a state that permits infanticide.

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