Report: Fox executives believe Beck comments on Holocaust crossed the line

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In response to a column by Simon Greer of Jewish Funds for Justice that criticized Glenn Beck's attacks on social justice and said "to put humankind first is to put the common good first," Beck said that to do so "leads to death camps" and that "a Jew, of all people, should know that." According to Michael Calderone of Yahoo! those comments reportedly prompted a meeting between Greer and Fox News executives (including network president Roger Ailes), in which the executives acknowledged Beck had "crossed the line":

Simon Greer, chief executive of Jewish Funds for Justice, told The Upshot that when Greer approached them, Ailes and senior vice president Joel Cheatwood agreed that Beck crossed the line in comparing Greer's worldview to that of the Nazis and promised to speak with Beck about the matter.

Two days later, Greer said he received a handwritten letter from Beck.

The Upshot learned of the July 26 meeting and Fox's response to Beck's comments through an email Greer sent to key supporters and allies of his organization. Greer confirmed the authenticity of the email which was passed along to The Upshot by a source.

It's noteworthy that with all the smears, attacks, and violent imagery produced by Beck on a regular basis, this is one of the few times any sort of network action appears to have taken place. Indeed, Newscorp executives did not denounce -- and in the case of CEO Rupert Murdoch, at times endorsed -- Beck's claim that President Obama is a "racist."

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