Daily Caller to reality: Get lost.

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Check out this story on The Daily Caller's front page:

"Dems to Obama: Don't come to our districts - NYT"

Now, based on that, you'd probably assume that the New York Times had reported that at least two Democrats had told President Obama to stay away from their districts. You might even assume that the number was much greater than two, since the Daily Caller's phrasing implies the sentiment is common.

But that isn't really how right-wing "journalism" works. The New York Times article in question does not mention or refer in any way to a single Democrat, named or unnamed, who urges Obama to stay away. Not one. In fact, the bulk of the article is devoted to concerns on the part of Congressional Democrats that Obama isn't doing enough to help.

That's how right-wing "journalism" works: It takes an article in which not a single Democrat expresses any reservation about a visit from Barack Obama and twists it into a broad sentiment on the part of Democrats that Obama should stay away.

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