Um, why didn't Breitbart speak to Sherrod privately before he posted the tape?

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As we've already noted, Andrew Breitbart's Q&A with Newsweek represents a treasure trove of purposeful hypocrisy. But this comment really is off the charts, and in comes in the response to question of, why not apologize:

I'd first like to speak to her in private and outside of the media circus.

Now he wants to speak to Sherrod, after he smeared her as a racist by posting wildly out-of-context videotape and after he's been dressed down by the press for his reckless behavior? Note to Breitbart: You should have spoken to Sherrod before you posted the idiotic attack, than you wouldn't be in the mess you're in today.

That's what a journalists would have done, of course. A journalist, even a partisan, opinion journalists, would have reached out to someone like Sherrod for a comment or an explanation before launching an attack like the one Breitbart sponsored. But as I mentioned on MSNBC yesterday, I suspect Breitbart intentionally did not try to speak to Sherrod privately because he was afraid that she would be able to put the tape in context and he then wouldn't be able to use the tape.

In other words, he was more committed to the smear than he was the truth.

And isn't it rich that Breitbart now wants to speak to Sherrod "outside of the media circus." The irony is that by posting the Sherrod clip Breitbart intentionally set out to create a media a circus; a circus he hoped would give Democrats and Obama fits. (There's a racist on the payroll!) Instead, the circus turned on Breitbart and how he's seeking solace with a face-to-face with Sherrod.

Gimme a break.

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