Fox News dishonestly claims that Rove "is not working on any campaign this season"

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In a July 28 article, Stephen Clark tries to stir controversy over Loyola University's decision not to host Fox News contributor Karl Rove because "welcoming a 'political' speaker ahead of the midterm elections could threaten its tax-exempt status." Clark suggests that the school is guilty of hypocrisy because it will host "an Obama administration appointee," and defends Rove by claiming he "is not working on any campaign this season."

Fox News' description of Rove is incredibly dishonest. Rove helped organize American Crossroads, a fundraising group that was started with the purpose of helping GOP campaigns during the 2010 election cycle. The group has raised millions of dollars from wealthy donors and has already run anti-Democrat attack ads. The Politico wrote that groups like Rove's give "Republicans and their allies a powerful campaign apparatus separate from the Republican National Committee."

Rove is also a regular fundraiser for GOP organizations and candidates; regularly endorses Republican candidates; and has been offering campaign advice to Republicans, such as the House Republican Conference and Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul.

Fox News, of course, didn't tell you any of this while claiming that its employee is "not working on any campaign this season."

Karl Rove
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