Overhyped conservative nonsense of the day: Obama hates the Boy Scouts

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Seizing on a report from CNS News' Penny Starr, several conservative blogs are attacking President Obama for not speaking in person at the Boy Scouts' upcoming 100th anniversary jamboree because he will be in New Jersey to speak about the economy before heading to New York City to film an upcoming appearance on ABC's The View.

The CNS article includes several points that should (in a sane media world) mitigate the inevitable freak-out from conservative media figures:

  • Obama will be addressing the Boy Scouts via a taped message.
  • Several previous presidents -- including conservative hero Ronald Reagan -- did not address a Boy Scouts jamboree in person.
  • The Boy Scouts just visited the Oval Office two weeks ago.

Here's an image of an allegedly Boy Scout-hating Obama on July 12, during a visit in which the White House described Obama as "eager to hear from the extraordinary scouts who spoke with smiles and enthusiasm about the organization's 100 year anniversary.":

Though conservative blogs are in high dudgeon over this story, one group that does not seem bothered by Obama's plans is...The Boy Scouts. Here's the statement from the Scouts -- which, to their credit, CNS News includes in their article -- but bloggers like Jim Hoft and Weasel Zippers conveniently leave out of their posts:

"Due to his schedule, President Obama will not be able to attend the 2010 National Scout Jamboree," the statement reads. "In February, the President sent a letter honoring the BSA's 100th Anniversary and his signature appears on Eagle Scout cards."

"Also, he has welcomed Boy Scouts contingents in the Oval Office twice since taking office," the statement reads. "President Obama serves as the Honorary President of the BSA, as has every President since Howard Taft. While each President is traditionally invited to attend the Jamboree, not every President has been able to attend the event."

"We thank the President for his effort to recognize Scouting and look forward to working with his administration as we work toward accomplishing our mission of preparing young people to become exceptional adults," the statement concludes.

Can't you just feel the outrage?


Like clockwork, Beck is running with the lame attack.

Update 2:

Well, that was predictable -- this has slowly turned into Fox's favorite attack of the week. Laura Ingraham on The O'Reilly Factor, Dana Perino on Hannity, and Bret Baier on Fox's flagship "news" program, Special Report, have all advanced this inane attack.

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