Is Glenn Beck running out of ideas?

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At the outset of his Fox News show tonight, Glenn Beck promised to take viewers on a "three-day journey" showing the "motive behind many of the actions that we're seeing today in this administration" and a war of ideas, one involving ideas that are "in direct contradiction to what our founders wished." The thrust of the next 60 minutes involved Beck insinuating that the Obama administration is governing from what he called the 1969 Weather Underground "manifesto" -- "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows":

BECK: This is the document. This is the document I've asked to you read. It's been on the website at now for a couple of weeks. I believe this document explains the reason for many of the actions that we are seeing from this administration, because I can't make sense of it.

This document is from June 18, 1969. It's the manifesto from the Weathermen. Now, I have to tell you, if somebody would hand this to me in the street and say, "Hey, Glenn, you got to read" -- zzzz. And I would also think this is ancient history. But if you don't know history, you won't know where we've been, where we are, or where we're headed. This manifesto, when you read it, sounds crazy to the average person. It does. But as you read it -- I know read it in bed one night, and I kept waking my wife up. "Honey, honey, honey, listen to this." It sure sounds an awful lot like the things that we're doing, and there are people in and around this administration who not only wrote this, but they still buy into the philosophy contained in these pages. You need to judge by their actions.

Can you remember a time, ever, where there were so many Americans, including the president, have labeled America the bad guy? How many apology tours has the president gone on all around the world? There's one thing to talk amongst ourselves and say, "Hey, we've got some problems," because we do. But it's everywhere -- it's in the media; it's in the administration.

When not suggesting that the Obama administration was governing straight out of Weather Underground position papers and moving pictures of William Ayers around his chalkboard, Beck was citing Jeremiah Wright to attack Obama over his level of support for Israel. Not lost in his rambling diatribe were Van Jones, the Tides Foundation, and the Apollo Alliance.

Ayers, the Weather Underground, and Jones are all familiar targets for Beck. The only new element here is his suggestion that the Weather Underground manifesto is actually guiding the Obama administration's actions.

At one point, Beck claimed that it "seems like we might be stuck in the 1970s." Increasingly, it seems that Beck is just stuck on repeat.

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