Breitbart blogger agrees: Fox News did peddle Sherrod story before she resigned

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Well, at least we're making progress.

Taking up the lost cause of online Fox News defender Johnny Dollar (whose work I already debunked here), a Breitbart blogger tackles the very, very important issue of when exactly did Fox News started smearing people with regards to the Shirley Sherrod story.

Last week I went on MSNBC and suggested that as the story first broke, Obama administration officials were wrong to give credence to a smear campaign being peddled by "Fox News." Johnny Dollar claimed I got it all wrong because nobody at Fox News reported or commented on until after she resigned on July 19, which of course, is not accurate.

Yesterday, I patiently pointed out that "Fox News," in the form of, did in fact "peddle" the Sherrod story long before she resigned with a report that was picked up by right-wing bloggers. And yes, Johnny Dollar was forced to concede that I was factually accurate on that point. ("Yes, there was a post on")

And now a Breitbart blogger has done the same. (Albeit with lots of name calling.) So now everyone agrees that I was right to say "Fox News" peddled the phony Sherrod story prior to her resignation.

Thanks for playing guys! And say hi to Andrew for me.

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