Beck continues to peddle the bogus claim that he "supported" Sherrod

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On his radio show today, Glenn Beck continued to peddle the bogus claim that he "supported" Shirley Sherrod because he knew "something was wrong" with the video Andrew Breitbart posted of her at his website. But as Media Matters has previously noted, Beck has been complicit in the right-wing smear campaign against Sherrod.

By the time Beck addressed Breitbart's deceptively edited Sherrod video on the July 20 edition of his Fox News show, it had been revealed that Sherrod's story was not evidence of her racism, as Breitbart had claimed, but was a tale of racial reconciliation. Beck said he wouldn't "demand a resignation" based solely on the clip of Sherrod.

If those were the only remarks he had made about the video, Beck might have a case in claiming that he "supported" her -- but they were not. On his radio show earlier that day, Beck played the edited clip of Sherrod's remarks and said it revealed "a USDA administration official discriminating against white farmers." After he played the clip, he suggested it indicated that America has been "transported in 1956 except it's the other way around." He added: "Does anybody else have a sense that there are some that just want revenge? Doesn't it feel that way?" He wasn't "supporting" Sherrod with those remarks, he was attacking her -- like many others in the right-wing media.

Even after it became apparent that Sherrod was not a racist, Beck continued his attacks. On the July 21 edition of his radio show, Beck stated that Sherrod "obviously has some sort of Marxist or redistribution qualities to her." On Fox News, Beck opined that Sherrod should have been made a "czar" because "she fits in" with the "Maoists" in the Obama administration.

Since the full video of Sherrod's remarks became public, Beck has repeatedly claimed he didn't attack Sherrod and that he supported her. It's simply not true, but that hasn't stopped other media figures from repeating his bogus claim. On the July 25 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources, The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz stated that Beck "ended up defending" Sherrod. And on the July 24 edition of Fox News Watch -- Fox News' media watchdog program -- panelist Jim Pinkerton asserted that "Glenn Beck never even touched the story."

It's probably too much to ask that Beck stop pushing this false claim, but other media figures should say what really happened: Beck attacked Sherrod like so many others.

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