Megyn Kelly accidentally attacks Glenn Beck

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Fox News' ever-outraged anchor Megyn Kelly had a frank and serious discussion with Tom Tancredo this afternoon concerning his lunatic Washington Times op-ed calling for the impeachment of President Obama. To her credit, Kelly pushed back pretty hard on Tancredo's garbage and actually corrected him on his facts a few times, but one moment really stood out for me -- when Kelly said that Tancredo's descriptions of Obama as a "Marxist" and an "enemy of our Constitution" are "not considered helpful," asking: "Who are you hoping to convince?"

Um... Megyn? You might want to tune into your own network 'round about 5 p.m. every weekday...

Beck: Obama comments at G-20 "tripped my Marxism alarms"

Beck: Obama "knows how to sell" Marxism "with a happy face"

Beck: "The president is a Marxist" who is "setting up a class system"

Beck: "We are being ruled now" by those who have "contempt for our Constitution, for religion"

Beck: Obama "has aligned himself" with "every enemy of our country," "our Constitution" and "freedom as we know it"

Beck, Folsom agree: Obama, like Wilson, has "contempt" for America, no "respect" for Constitution

UPDATE: I should point out that Kelly has previously defended Republican members of Congress who called Obama "anti-American" and "post-American," as well as the tea partiers' attacks on Obama as a socialist: "That is a short-form way of saying government is butting its way into many aspects of our lives."

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