Old news: Daily Caller's newest "Journolist" exposé first reported over a year ago

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As we have documented, conservatives are freaking out this morning over the Daily Caller's not-so-shocking revelation that liberal journalists talked to each other before signing a public, open letter criticizing a debate televised by ABC during the 2008 presidential election.

Not only is this far from the "obituary" for American journalism that Andrew Breitbart thinks it is, but it's not even a new story. Yahoo News' Michael Calderone points out that he reported on the exact same story well over a year ago, when he was a reporter for Politico:

Last April, criticism of ABC's handling of a Democratic presidential debate took shape on JList before morphing into an open letter to the network, signed by more than 40 journalists and academics -- many of whom are JList members.

But beyond these specific examples, it's hard to trace JList's influence in the media, because so few JListers are willing to talk on the record about it.


Andrew Breitbart
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