Fox Nation smears Joe Biden

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Fox Nation claims Vice President Biden called the American people stupid:

But that, of course, isn't what Biden said. He didn't say people were "too dense" -- he said they don't know what's in the recovery act and the regulatory reform bill. And he said it was understandable. Twice: "People don't know a lot of what's going on in the recovery act, understandably … When you say to people 'you know, we just went out and had a regulatory reform bill … they don't know what it means yet, understandably." Biden, in other words, went out of his way to make clear that he didn't blame people for not knowing what is in the legislation. Fox Nation then pretended he called people stupid.

There's a huge difference between saying people don't know something and that they're too dense to know something. Is Fox Nation too dense to understand that difference? Nah, they're probably just lying.

By the way: There's about a 150 percent chance LA Times blogger/former Bush flack/Biden-hater Andrew Malcolm parrots Fox Nation's smear. Unless his colleague Jimmy Orr beats him to it.

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Andrew Malcolm, Jimmy Orr
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