Physician, heal thyself: Chuck Todd airs Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" video

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Yesterday on Morning Joe, NBC's Chuck Todd offered some measured criticism of Sarah Palin and the media, essentially saying that it's ridiculous for Palin to allege "media bias" when the press trip over themselves to report her PAC's modest fundraising and publicize her every Twitter and Facebook update. Greg Sargent wrote that Todd's comments hit the mark with regard to Palin, but kind of let the media off the hook:

[M]edia outlets aren't passive participants, compelled to lavish nonstop attention on Palin against their will. Rather, they actively make editorial choices on a regular basis to hype everything Palin says and does. So why wouldn't Palin continue to bash the lamestream media, when the media-bashing does absolutely nothing to dissuade them from playing along as she completely dictates the terms of her engagement with them?

Regardless, Todd seemed to make clear that he understood and disapproved of the fawning media coverage Sarah Palin earns for doing essentially nothing. Which was why it was so disappointing when I flipped on Today this morning and saw Chuck Todd reporting that Palin's substance-free, nothing-burger "Mama Grizzlies" video shows that she is "rebranding" herself for a 2012 presidential run:

Chuck Todd, Sarah Palin
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