WND's latest birther nonsense finds a fitting home


As we documented, WorldNetDaily found a new low in their ongoing promotion of absurd birther conspiracy theories when they promoted a birther claim that was made on a "pro-white" radio program at a "white supremacist" conference.

White nationalist James Edwards -- on whose radio show the claims were first made -- touted the fact that he was "working in cooperation" with WND and got "huge national exposure." The associations behind the claims led websites like right-wing message board Free Republic to pull threads related to the story because a video containing the claims were posted by a "front group for a neo-Nazi group."

While the story petered out after this, someone has finally taken the latest birther bait: a "National magazine," according to a new story at WorldNetDaily. The top headline at WorldNetDaily currently reads: "Guess who's covering sensational claim on Obama's birth." Newsweek? The National Review? Not quite:

In an article excitedly reporting on a "national magazine" picking up the story, WND's Joe Kovacs eventually gets around to correctly identifying The Globe as a "tabloid," and notes that it is the "first print publication" to pick up this latest birther nonsense. Kovacs seems to have mixed feelings about this, however, as he points out that they quote extensively from a WND article, "without ever mentioning the remarks originated with a WND interview."

Yes, a prominent conservative media outlet is upset that a ridiculous tabloid did not properly credit their reporting.

This latest story can take its place alongside other recent ­bombshell Globe stories about Obama, including their report that he "secretly holds a life-time membership in Chicago's most notorious gay bath house," and that he also secretly has lung cancer.

However, considering Jim Hoft, Fox News, and other conservative media outlets all ran with a Globe story last month about Obama supposedly having expensive parties, maybe The Globe's endorsement is just the push this birther story needs for other conservative outlets to take it seriously.

James Edwards
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