Following July 4th break, Fox Nation gets around to pushing Drudge's homophobic Google smear

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Perhaps it was the July 4th holiday but Fox Nation has finally gotten around to advancing the disgustingly homophobic Drudge Report post that Media Matters' Ben Dimiero wrote about last week:

Proving yet again that his commitment to breaking "news" that appeals to the conservative noise machine trumps any commitment to facts and reality, Matt Drudge is currently hosting the following link on his website:

The article he links to makes no mention of gay employees being paid "more than" straight employees. What it does indicate is that Google will be adjusting the paychecks for its same-sex couples in order to cover a "disparity" in federal taxes on domestic partner benefits.

True to form, Fox Nation just can't miss an opportunity to pass along homophobic misinformation from the conservative noise machine. The right-wing website now has a link hyping Drudge's spin of the story on its main page and has also posted a link on its Twitter profile

From the Fox Nation website:

From the Fox Nation Twitter feed:

It's just further proof of Fox News' love/hate relationship with LGBT people.

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