Big Hollywood blames "Marxist political correctness" for condemnation of "good-natured" Minstrel shows


In a July 4th Big Hollywood post, Gary Graham wrote of the movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy," based on the life of early 20th-century entertainer George M. Cohan:

Watching it again, lo these many years later, I was struck by several new observations. First - what a patriot George M. Cohan was! (And, as is common knowledge, so was Cagney.) Though Cohan maintained, "I was a good Democrat even [as a child]"... he didn't feel the modern leftist compulsion to extend the sympathetic lilt of empathy towards one's avowed enemies. He knew which side he was on - and said so, in no unequivocal terms.

Cohan wasn't politically correct -- he and his family put on Minstrel shows! Innocent, good-natured entertainment back then, offending no one, delighting all; black, white or variegated paisley. It wasn't until the class-envy of Marxist political correctness that we insisted on being horrified by such a thing.

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