Wash. Times Kuhner develops Kagan Derangement Syndrome

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My colleague Ben Dimiero has pointed out that blogger Pam Geller posted a photoshopped a picture of Elena Kagan in a Nazi uniform in an unhinged attack against Kagan.

But Geller appears not to be alone in having developed Kagan Derangement Syndrome. Today, Jeffrey Kuhner uses his Washington Times column to accuse Kagan of treason.

Kuhner repeats many myths and falsehoods about Elena Kagan, including the myth that she supported Shariah at Harvard, the myth that she favors government redistribution of speech, the myth that she banned military recruiters on Harvard's campus, the myth that she "manipulated medical findings" related to so-called "partial birth abortion," and the myth that she is unqualified.

But Kuhner appears angry that his debunked claims against Kagan aren't whipping people up sufficiently. He writes "If the Republicans cannot stand up against such a blatantly unqualified nominee and irresponsible ideologue, it is time conservatives consider abandoning the GOP and creating a third party."

Clearly frustrated by such inaction, Kuhner upped the rhetoric about ten notches, claiming that Kagan's actions toward military recruiters constituted "treason":

Moreover, her decision to bar military recruiters was not simply a matter of political judgment. It was an act of treason. At the time, America was fighting two bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our troops were dying. Ms. Kagan sought to deny access to potential military recruits when they were most needed.

Of course, the number of law students who joined the military did not decrease during Kagan's tenure as Harvard Law School dean. But that fact doesn't mesh with Kuhner's argument against Kagan's nomination, which now rests on the accusation that she's guilty of a crime punishable by life imprisonment (or arguably even death).

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