WATCH: Glenn Beck warned against Glenn Beck's red-baiting

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Last Thursday, Glenn Beck devoted an entire show to red-baiting and trying to rehabilitate what he deemed the unfairly tarnished historical legacy of Joseph McCarthy. During the show, Beck and his guest, author M. Stanton Evans, agreed that McCarthy was "telling the truth." Beck went on to explain that progressives "mutate" communism's "evil" so that it "goes undercover." He claimed that "Marxism is alive and well" and "thriving here in the United States."

Beck also claimed that "three years ago," he would have "made fun of people like" himself for devoting a show to the threat of communism. However, far more recently than three years ago, Beck was mocking the idea of conservatives who always play the "communist" card.

During the promo for his then-upcoming Fox News show that ran on the network last January, Beck decried conservatives who say things like "Oh, those donkeys trying to turn us into communist Russia." He then yelled, "Stop!"

As we detailed at the time, this plea was disingenuous, as Beck had already labeled Obama a "Marxist" and criticized "Comrade Clinton." Indeed, Beck wasted no time in exposing himself as a hypocrite, spending the first several weeks of his show smearing President Obama, Democrats, and their policies as communist, Marxist, socialist, and fascist.

But based on how much farther he's tumbled down the red-baiting rabbit hole since then, it's possible that even the hypocritical Glenn Beck of January 2009 would want June 2010 Glenn Beck to "Stop!"

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