Fox News' go-to general for McChrystal commentary: McChrystal's friend

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Over the past few days, Gen. Stanley McChrystal has come under fire from all corners for derogatory comments he and his staff made to Rolling Stone about President Obama, Vice President Biden, and other members of the administration. Even Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck thought McChrystal had gone too far, and with the exception of a few dead-enders, the conversation quickly shifted from whether or not McChrystal was wrong to whether or not he should be fired.

But not to worry, Fox News' bookers still found someone who said that McChrystal should have been "taken to the woodshed" for his comments, but nonetheless attacked Obama for accepting the general's resignation today.

On Fox's America Live, Megyn Kelly bookended the network's coverage of President Obama's speech announcing that Gen. David Petraeus will replace McChrystal as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan with more than 10 minutes of interview with retired Gen. Anthony Tata. Kelly identified Tata as a friend of McChrystal who had served with him and several of the McChrystal staffers quoted in the Rolling Stone piece. Kelly commented, "I don't know that we could find a better guest to comment" on McChrystal's replacement:

Kelly's suggestion that Tata's contacts with McChrystal and his aides makes him the best qualified to comment seems fatally flawed. How could Tata possibly be expected to be impartial about what McChrystal and his staff did under those circumstances?

And so it was not surprising that Tata spent his time slamming Obama for removing McChrystal, as well as settling old scores with McChrystal rival and ambassador to Iraq Karl Eikenberry:

Prior to Obama's speech, Tata said that McChrystal's "punishment" was "way beyond the crime," and that he was "ill-served by his staff," but he hadn't been "insubordinate," just "let of some steam." Tata returned after Obama spoke to claim that Eikenbery was a "political general" who wasn't "well-respected on the battlefield by many."

Incidentally, Tata is also a blogger who stated that Sarah Palin's atrocious autobiography "reveals" she's "ready to lead." So he has that going for him.

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