The latest Glenn Beck ratings collapse

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Trust me, the sirens are now going off over at Fox News' headquarters on Sixth Avenue in NYC. According to the latest Nielsen numbers, Glenn Beck just demolished its previous low ratings mark with the program that aired last Friday, June 18.

Not only was the June 18, telecast easily the lowest rated, non-vacation show for all of 2010, I'd wager it was the lowest-rated Monday-Friday program that Beck has hosted at Fox News. Ever. That's how bad the Nielsen numbers were from Friday night.

The show attracted an audience of 1.39 million viewers. The context? Glenn Beck's previous low for 2010 was recently posted on June 11. That show drew 1.71 million viewers. In other words, the June 18 low-water mark wasn't even close to the previous low -- Friday night's airing set the new mark with authority!

Keep in mind, this is the same Glenn Beck that, back in January, was averaging more than 3 million viewers each night, which means that between late January and late June, Beck managed to lose two million viewers. That may be unprecedented in cable TV news. (But don't worry, Glenn claims his ratings are up this year!)

UPDATED: Did I mention this summer is not going to be kind to Glenn Beck?

UPDATED: RedState's Erick Erickson displays his usual impeccable timing this morning, posting this blog item where he touts Beck's "huge" TV ratings.

Whatever you say Erick.

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