Roll Call op-ed demands release of all Kagan documents three days after WH did so

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A June 21 Roll Call op-ed claimed that the Senate Judiciary Committee does not have Elena Kagan's "full record" from her time in the Clinton White House, called on President Obama to "authorize the release of Kagan's records as soon as possible," and said Republicans should filibuster Kagan's nomination if Obama does not comply. There's just one problem: The Judiciary Committee has already received all the documents demanded by the op-ed.

The Clinton Library has released all the documents from Kagan's time in the Clinton administration to the Judiciary Committee, except for documents that are strictly personal. Indeed, the Judiciary Committee has reportedly received more documents related to Kagan's nomination than they have for any other Supreme Court nominee.

As the Associated Press reported:

Paper documents released earlier revealed a bit about Kagan's role managing the scandals of the Clinton administration, and showed her pragmatic streak dealing with complex issues such as tobacco regulation and her political instincts weighing in on issues such as abortion, gun control and drug sentencing.

The White House and Clinton kept a fraction of the information private, allowing only Judiciary panel members and their top aides to see some documents and keeping secret anything of a strictly personal nature. But the 160,000 pages of information - including some 80,000 pages of e-mail - is far more than the committee received for other recent high court nominees.

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