Conservatives have Twitterfight over Joe Barton apology to BP

Blog ››› ››› OLIVER WILLIS

Following Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP CEO Tony Hayward for what he characterized as a "shakedown" by the White House in negotiating for an escrow fund to pay for the after effects of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, conservatives on Twitter had something of a fight.

It started when Allahpundit, who writes for HotAir, said "defending Barton for apologizing to BP is litmus test for 'true conservatism,' yes?"

Jim Geraghty of National Review quickly cautioned him: "The 'do Republicans agree with Barton' MSM narrative will quickly overwhelm the 'hey, is the hole plugged yet' one."

Red State co-founder Joshua Trevino was not nearly as kind. He called Allahpundit a "useful idiot" of the left, and congratulated him sarcastically saying "well done assisting in shifting the story."

Allahpundit explained to Trevino that by defending Barton, "know that you're the one who's helping to shift the story."

That's probably sage advice, but who knows which way the world will turn next? And what of the conservative blogs who quickly leapt to Barton's defense, now left in limbo? Time will tell this tale.

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