Why are we not surprised?

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The front page of Fox Nation today carries this promo:

fox nation

Oh, it's amazing, all right … just maybe not in the way they think it is. The link leads to an ad for Rick Barber, a candidate for a House seat from Alabama who did well enough in the primary election to force a runoff. In it, he apparently has traveled back in time to speak to Founding Fathers George Washington, Ben Franklin and Samuel Adams. It begins mid-conversation with Barber saying, "And I would impeach him" -- an apparent reference to President Obama -- and, after Barber presents his case against the IRS and "what they call a progressive income tax," climaxes with one of the Founders ominously declaring, "Gather your armies."

The fact that Washington implemented the first federal tax and authorized militias to enforce it notwithstanding, this is catnip to the residents of Fox Nation. (Barber, meanwhile, is spinning the ad's implied endorsement of violent revolution, insisting that "It's definitely not an inciteful call to arms.")

You know who else loves Barber's ad? Pam Geller. She calls Barber a "Great American" and endorsed him in the primary. Geller goes on to say, "I love this guy. He gets better and better."

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