Even more bad ratings news for Glenn Beck

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Remember when Beck recently lashed out at Media Matters, insisting we were smearing him for pointing out he'd lost one-third of his audience this year? Remember how Beck insisted his ratings were actually up in the month of May? (Which turned out to be a bogus claim.)

Well, I can't wait to hear this latest spin because there's yet another batch of Nielsen numbers and they continue to tell the same story: Glenn Beck is in a ratings free fall [emphasis added]:

Also on the decline was FNC's Glenn Beck, which [h]as lost -26% of its total viewer audience and -23% in the demo.

Oh my.

Perhaps the only consolation for the host is that Fox News ratings in general have been plummeting this year:

FNC declines were also substantial when comparing May to the their recent peak at beginning of the year (January 2010), with the network's audience falling off by 20-35% every hour of the day in the demo except "Fox and Friends," which was down -8% and their 1-3p block which fell -15%. FNC's M-F primetime audience dropped by -26% in total viewers (2.17m vs. 2.95m) and -30% in the demo (554k vs. 795k)....Other double-digit demo losses included the 9a hour (down -22%), 10a (-21%), 11a (-27%), Noon (-28%), Studio B/Smith at 3p (-28%), Cavuto at 4p, (-29%), Bret Baier at 6p (-24%), Fox Report/Smith at 7p (-29%), O'Reilly at 8p (-30%), Hannity at 9p (-35%) and Greta at 10p (-29%).

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