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After failing to receive the coverage he'd hoped for, it seems that Andrew Breitbart is trying to promote his latest collaboration with James O'Keefe by attacking George Stephanopoulos. Breitbart appeared on the June 2 edition of The Glenn Beck Program and hammered Stephanopoulos' interview on ABC's Good Morning America, saying that Stephanopoulos "sandbagged us."

These are harsh words coming from Breitbart, considering 24 hours ago he posted a glowing article on Big Government titled ABC's George Stephanopoulos: A Profile In Media Courage. The contrast between Breitbart's opinions yesterday and today are striking:

Yesterday: "While most of the feedback email of the contentious segment is running negative against George Stephanopoulos for emphasizing long debunked and retracted smears and for using the word 'criminal' throughout the piece, what is missing is an acknowledgment of how courageous Stephanopoulos was to put O'Keefe and me on the air in the first place... Certainly, Stephanopoulos took the tack of the good partisan during the interview. But he allowed O'Keefe and me to refute his partisan talking points."

Today: "ABC News flew us in to launch the census stories, and George Stephanopoulos said 'hey, I want to interview these guys.' And the entire thing became about 'James O'Keefe racist, James O'Keefe racist. James O'Keefe criminal, James O'Keefe criminal.' And all of those things have been debunked. The racism stuff we debunked. He just went straight from the Media Matters/Huffington Post Narrative."

Breitbart said in his post yesterday that "the beauty of Stephanopoulos's launching the Census story is that it now gives James O'Keefe a higher media profile." It looks as though this first tactic didn't work out for the Breitbart/O'Keefe team, and now they're resorting to hypocrisy.

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