Palin smears famous author as possible pedophile; Time calls the attack shrewd

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Honestly, what is wrong with these people?

Beltway reporters are so enamored with (or scared to death of) right-wing hardball that they're incapable of even defending their own brethren when condemned by the GOP Noise Machine.

Sarah Palin doesn't like the fact that author Joe McGinniss moved in next door and is working on a book on her. So what does Palin do? Naturally, she smears the author as a would-be sexual predator who's trying to peer into her windows. And what does the Beltway press corps do in response to Palin's hallow and "despicable" attack? Tut-tutting media elites nod their heads in agreement that Palin's right.

And specifically, the new Washington, D.C. bureau hire for Time magazine toasts the Palin smear for being shrewd. (Welcome to the club, Michael Crowley. You're going to fit in just fine.)

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