Beck caps two weeks of violent fear mongering about progressives by warning that eventually "they just start shooting people"

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Glenn Beck is in the fear mongering business, and business is booming.

For the past year and a half, Beck has frequently warned his viewers about progressives' supposed penchant for resorting to violence. He spent pretty much the entire month of January doing this, culminating in a "documentary" linking progressives to some of history's greatest atrocities, enlightening his viewers to the supposed similarities between progressives and Hilter, Stalin and Mao. At the time, history professors labeled the film a "complete lie" that represented an "alternative universe" - which, of course, didn't stop Fox News from re-airing it in its entirety in March.

Jump ahead to earlier this week, when, during a discussion of how we are headed to "dangerous places," Beck suggested that the government might use anti-terror policies - including assassination -- to target Tea Partiers.

Well, Glenn Beck is apparently done hinting at the violence progressives are supposedly going to do to his viewers and listeners, and is now just outright saying it. Earlier today, Beck continued his recent fearmongering about the supposed "soft revolution" taking place in America (purportedly designed to silence voices like Beck's), and claimed that if the administration "can't get everyone to silence, that's when the arrests come, or that's when they start a hard revolution. That's when they start just shooting people."

This is absurd, outrageous, and potentially dangerous -- and maybe not even the most insane thing he's said in the past two weeks.

Starting with his dual speeches last weekend at Liberty University and the National Rifle Association, Beck's violent rhetoric has reached a fever pitch.

During his tear-soaked, unhinged commencement speech at Liberty U, Beck told graduates that they "have a responsibility" to speak out, or "blood...will be on our hands." His advice for graduates (as well as his daughter) included "shoot to kill." He also claimed that God installed an "alarm bell" in people that is telling them that "your rights are being taken." If you were wondering which rights these might be, he cleared up any confusion later that night during his speech at the NRA, when Beck agreed with Mao that "power comes from the barrel of a gun" and then asked the audience "why do you think they want to take yours away?"

Since then -- keep in mind we're just talking about the last two weeks here - Beck has done the following:

  • While lauding the fact that he has supposedly accurately predicted so much of what is going on right now, Beck informed listeners that "what's coming is horrific. I don't even want to speak it out loud."
  • Beck has continued his bizarre obsession with administration official Cass Sunstein, who he claims "controls everything" and "will control your every move." He has also suggested that Sunstein has "frightening similarities" to Joseph Goebbels. So, putting two and two together, Beck is suggesting that the person who "controls everything" right now is "frighteningly" similar to the Nazi propagandist behind Kristallnacht.
  • While talking about how the "world is on edge," Beck told his viewers that "those who survive" will "stand in the truth" and "listen."
  • While discussing the ongoing controversy over Arizona's immigration law, he told his listeners that "we are being pushed" towards civil war and that Obama is "trying to destroy the country."
  • He told his listeners that "you have to be prepared to take rocks to the head. You have to be prepared to lose everything."
  • He responded to criticism from Media Matters by telling us that we "will have to shoot [him] in the head. We are not stopping."

Once again: that is all since last Monday.

And after informing his listeners earlier today that eventually the administration will "start just shooting people," Beck stated that "lives are at stake."

Beck frequently makes a show - or, more accurately, a mockery -- of Gandhi and civil rights leaders by stressing non-violence to his listeners. In March, Beck claimed that Obama was "poking and prodding" the "crazy tea baggers" to set them up to commit violence, but urged his viewers to resist. Keeping this in mind, I've got a question for Glenn Beck.

Repeatedly over the last two weeks, you have praised your own ability to supposedly predict, with unerring accuracy, everything that is happening right now. When you transition from telling your viewers and listeners that you have so far been right about everything to telling them that the administration wants to silence, arrest, and shoot people while starting a second Civil War and that there "will be rivers of blood if we don't have values and principles," then what, exactly, would you say you are doing?

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