Why is cadet applause missing from Fox's video of Obama speech?

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Did Fox News edit video of President Obama's commencement speech at West Point to remove audience applause? Filmmaker Michael Moore thinks so:

In the Fox version of the video, Obama abruptly stops talking at the 0:44 mark and spends about 10 seconds just silently looking around the room. Here's the video, as saved and uploaded to Moore's YouTube account (it is also available on Fox's web page, but I'm having trouble embedding that video):

But in video available on the White House's web page, we see that Obama stops talking because of audience applause (the portion of the speech in question occurs at roughly the 10:24 mark):

Now, maybe Fox didn't intentionally remove the audience applause. Maybe Fox's video used a direct feed from Obama's microphone, and it simply didn't pick up audience noise. But if Fox didn't intentionally try to make Obama look silly, why did it choose a 2-minute clip -- out of a 32-minute speech -- that portrayed Obama looking silently around the room, seemingly for no reason?

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