Fox News Watch again silent on controversy surrounding Fox personality

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Fox's media criticism program Fox News Watch promises to "cover the coverage of the week's biggest stories." This week, host Jon Scott and his panel had time to cover the fifth anniversary of YouTube, but didn't have time to analyze their colleague John Stossel's on-air call for the repeal of the Public Accommodation section of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Last week Stossel said he was "in total agreement with Rand Paul," adding: "And I would go further than he was willing to go ... and say it's time now to repeal that part of the law because private businesses ought to get to discriminate."

A Fox News contributor openly calling for the repeal of the legislative landmark of the Civil Rights era should warrant some media analysis. After all, Stossel's comments were criticized by civil rights experts and activists as "silly," "ahistorical," and risking "tak[ing] us back to a racist past from which so many people gave their lives to liberate us."

Fox News Watch has had difficulty covering its own in the past. For instance, the Saturday after Fox executives yanked Sean Hannity's plans to broadcast his show live from the Cincinnati Tea Party, with "all proceeds" benefiting the organization, Scott and company were silent.

Other media critics have taken note of Fox News Watch's reluctance to focus its analysis on its own network's personalities.

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