Howard Kurtz's selective labels

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Notice anything odd about the way Howard Kurtz identifies the three entities he excerpts in his coverage of "Times Square fallout"?

"Michelle Malkin examines something many of us have wondered about this Connecticut resident"

"At Hot Air, Allahpundit goes off on a WSJ piece"

"The liberal advocacy group Think Progress offers something that goes against the narrative"

Kurtz quotes Michelle Malkin and Hot Air's Allahpundit as though they are neutral observers -- but is quick to label Think Progress a "liberal advocacy group."

Elsewhere in Kurtz's column today, Commentary's Jennifer Rubin and Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller are introduced without descriptions identifying them as conservatives.

I guess it's easier to hide the fact that you quote four conservatives and only one liberal if you only spell out the ideological leanings of the liberal.

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