Fox News suddenly develops standards for advertising

Fox News suddenly develops standards for advertising

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Ben Smith of Politico reports that Fox News has refused an ad from the progressive group VoteVets urging action on climate change legislation, on the grounds that the ad is "too confusing" according to spokesman for VoteVets.

It's interesting that Fox News is refusing the ads, and apparently using confusion as some sort of justification. For instance, Fox regularly buys print advertising for themselves in newspapers and trade publications, yet I've never heard of a Fox ad being rejected because readers might confuse the network with actual news (they act more like a PAC nowadays). Or perhaps Fox felt VoteVets ads might create some sort of cognitive dissonance for viewers who have become used to the network's shoddy coverage of environmental issues?

Furthermore, what kind of standards does advertising on Fox adhere to when it rejects VoteVets' work, yet has no problem at all running ads for Survival Seeds (your defense against "emerging totalitarianism")?

Operators are standing by.

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