Newsbusters' Sheppard smears Al Gore

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For another edition of Conservative Media Criticism Is A Crock, here's Newsbuster Noel Sheppard:

Nobel Laureate Al Gore purchased a $9 million mansion in the luxurious hills of Montecito, California, recently, and with the exception of the Los Angeles Times and Fox News, America's media couldn't care less.


Don't you think SOMEBODY should have reported it other than Fox News, the LA Times, and conservative bloggers?

Where'd the money come from? Was this purchased by his non-profit corporation, and if so, how does he get away with that?

So, Sheppard is suggesting -- with absolutely no evidence whatsoever -- that Gore inappropriately used a non-profit corporation to buy himself a house. That isn't media criticism, it's a smear campaign. It's no different than asking if Noel Sheppard stole the computer he used to write that post from a local church. Hey, I'm just asking!


He buys a STUNNING villa as the unemployment rate stands at almost 10 percent and Americans are struggling to regain their footing after 2008's financial crisis, and the media are suddenly disinterested in him?

Newsflash, Noel: If people refrain from buying things while other people are unemployed, the economy isn't going to get any better.

UPDATE: Sheppard's excuse for suggesting Gore may have used "his non-profit corporation" to buy the house is that in 2000, Gore was "was worth between one and two million dollars in 2000" -- far less than the purchase price of the house. But in the very same article Sheppard linked to as evidence of Gore's (relatively) low net worth in 2000, we see this passage:

In addition to the steady flow of six-figure speaking gigs, he has become an insider at two of the hottest companies on the planet: at Google, where he signed on as an adviser in 2001, pre-IPO (and received stock options now reportedly worth north of $30 million), and at Apple, where he joined the board in 2003 (and got stock options now valued at about $6 million). He enjoyed a big payday as vice chairman of an investment firm in L.A., and, more recently, started a cable-television company and an asset-management firm, both of which are becoming quiet forces in their fields.

So, according to an article Sheppard linked to, Gore has Google stock options worth more than $30 million -- stock options Gore received in 2001. Sheppard leaves that part out of his little write-up, points out Gore's (relatively) low net worth in 2000, and suggests that Gore must have bought the house using his "non-profit corporation" or by "lining his wallet" via his global warming "scam." That's just completely dishonest and sleazy.

Noel Sheppard
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