CNN's Roland Martin calls out "fake news channel" Fox News

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Media Matters' Ben Dimiero noted last week:

This morning, Fox News decided that this ridiculous "story" merited some on-air coverage, and America's Newsroom devoted several minutes to "Noah's Ark." This wouldn't be so notable if it came on a morning during which nothing else of note was going on, but Fox News ran this segment while President Obama eulogized civil rights legend Dorothy Height.

Now CNN analyst Roland Martin is taking the network to task for the absurd programming decision. Writing on his personal blog, Martin says (his emphasis):

How in the world can Fox News call themselves a real news channel? They could not even broadcast a real news story like President Obama eulogizing one of the greatest civil rights leaders of the 20th century, Dr. Dorothy Height. This is the problem with Fox News. They want to say they're a news channel in the daytime and opinion at night.

Fox News is a fake news channel. They covered a fake story dealing with Noahs Ark instead of the eulogy of a great woman. Fox News Channel, you have been called out.

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