LV Review-Journal publisher Frederick pushes ridiculous Obama affair rumor


In a May 1 blog post titled "Obama affair?" Las Vegas Review-Journal publisher Sherman Frederick wrote:

The Internet is re-exploding today with a story about an alleged affair in 2004 between Sen. Barack Obama and a bombshell campaign worker by the name of Vera Baker.

Inquiring minds may Google (or Bing) "Obama Affair Vera Baker".

Frederick is proving once again that he will publish any smear of Obama and the Democrats no matter how poorly sourced and dated it is. For the publisher of a major American newspaper to be engaged in spreading salacious rumors is disgraceful.

(Side note: Why does Frederick call Baker a "bombshell campaign worker"?)

But the funny thing is, Frederick encourages his readers to search Google for more information about the affair. In fact, Media Matters' Jeremy Schulman did just that:

A quick Google and Nexis search, for instance, reveals that the story is little more than years-old, rehashed rumors that have long been denied and have never been supported with anything approximating credible evidence.

Inquiring minds may instead want to Google "Sherman Frederick conservative misinformation."

Sherman Frederick
Las Vegas Review-Journal
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