Imus attacks Scarborough, the man who filled his MSNBC time-slot

Imus attacks Scarborough, the man who filled his MSNBC time-slot

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Don Imus took shots this week at Joe Scarborough, the man who filled his MSNBC time-slot after the shock-jock was canned for calling the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos."

Now at the lowly-rated Fox Business Network, Imus is up in arms over a post on the New York Times' MediaDecoder blog about Scarborough's radio program going on hiatus for a re-tooling and expansion. As's Steve Krakauer writes:

The crux of Imus' argument is that the Times story sounds like spin (via Radio Equalizer). "His radio show is canceled," said Imus. "They're not revamping anything! He will never ever be on WABC in New York again, ever!"

Newsbusters picked up the story as well - and highlighted this personal shot by Imus aimed at Scarborough:

Imus said Scarborough's MSNBC ratings aren't any better than Imus's were when he was forced out, and told listeners they should check NBC personnel files to see how many people have complained about Scarborough, since he is a "disgusting backstabbing phony."

Then it was time for Scarborough to address Imus, Newsbusters and Radio Equalizer (on Twitter):

Neither @newsbusters nor Imus can change these facts: We've already doubled Imus's best ratings over a decade. Imus never beat CNN. We do.

Morning Joe gets 20 times the audience in the demo as does Imus. Our WABC radio show also beat Glenn Beck every month in every category.

Imus's bitterness is misplaced. I was one of the few people who stood by him publicly. It's a shame he's so bitter about our success.

Imus' attacks come off as the bitter musings of a man still fuming over the loss of his job. His swipes at Scarborough are misdirected. If he should be angry or bitter with anyone it should be himself. He has no one else to blame for landing at a joke of network like Fox Business.

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